While many agencies describe their work as user-centric, what this usually means is end-user or site-visitor centric. Our approach is to build projects that work well for the people running the site too. As you may know from experience, if your website is confusing or difficult to update, or if it’s so fragile that you dare not touch it without calling in an expert, the site is doomed – and in 18 months you’ll be redesigning the site.

When we started Proper Design in 2014, we were exclusively a WordPress development agency, creating custom themes and plugins for clients and pushing the limits of what could be achieved with the world’s most-used content management system. WordPress still makes up a large part of what we do and we are proud of our expertise, having used WordPress to deliver projects for organisations of all sizes, from sole-traders to national visitor attractions.

More recently, as client projects have started to demand more interaction, we’ve been building full-stack web applications using modern JavaScript libraries such as Facebook’s React.js. This means designing and building every element of the project, from the server to the data-structure to the front-end templates.

We work from our little office at One Fox Lane. Check them out if you need co-working space in Cardiff.