We help you to do things on the internet by seeing problems and opportunities that others might not see. Creating digital tools that work for humans, not the other way around.

When we started Proper Design in 2014, we were primarily WordPress developers, creating custom themes and plugins for clients and pushing the limits of what could be sensibly be achieved with WordPress.

As client projects began to demand more, we’ve been building modern web applications, primarily in Javascript, but integrating services of all kinds (including good old WordPress). This means understanding, designing and building every layer of the project, everything from consultation to data structure, to copywriting, scripts and editing to design and animation to user testing.

As the business continues to grow, we want to retain what makes our team special. We always ask difficult questions and rarely accept the first answer.

Our values and ethos

As an ethical supplier and partner we strive to meet the highest possible standards in sustainability, equal opportunities, equality, honesty, transparency, privacy, and data protection – beyond complying with the law in these areas.

We do not act as a vendor for technology and software suppliers and are in all other respects financially independent of such companies. This freedom allows us to focus on your best interests, choose the right technologies for you, and form a beneficial partnership. We favour technological solutions that give an excellent return on investment, including free and open source software.

Proper Design is proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer.

Meet the Proper Design team

Our small, but dedicated team works from our office at One Fox Lane in Cardiff. We also love a collaboration. Meet some of the experts we call on when we need some extra skills

Marc Heatley Headshot

Marc Heatley

Creative Director

Marc has a background in the performing arts and live event production including multimedia and video production. Having worked as a freelance designer developer for more than 15 years Marc co-founded Proper Design in 2014. Since then Proper Design has worked with clients in business, the third sector and academia to bring their projects to life. 

Marc is responsible for working with clients to shape their projects. Translating ideas and goals into deliverables. This is based on the ability to identify essential questions and find innovative solutions based on his years of experience.


Tamsin Gabriel Headshot

Tamsin Gabriel

Studio Manager, User Experience

Tamsin worked in sales, management and business development for Legal & General before setting up her own business. From managing her own business she developed an interest in web design and user experience which led to her appointment at Proper Design where she has worked since 2017. One of Tamsin’s challenges is breaking down the context of the immediate problem of the client into workable tasks with the end user goals in mind.

Mae Tamsin yn ddysgwr Cymraeg brwdfrydig, ac wedi dilyn sawl cwrs gyda Dysgu Cymraeg yn ardal Bae Abertawe.

Ben Jones Headshot

Ben Jones

Lead Developer

After developing a career in the outdoor industry by building and then managing a busy e-commerce site, Ben moved on to co-found Proper Design in 2014. 

Ben now has many years experience building web sites and web applications, typically streamlining user input to produce informative reporting and including features such as payment systems, interactive maps and real-time data visualisation. 

Ed Hall headshot

Ed Hall

Customer Support Officer

Ed joined Proper Design in January 2022 as Customer Support Officer. Ed answers all of our support queries and ensures our clients get top notch customer service