1. Adding Alt text to your WordPress site – the why, the what and the how?

    There are some easy things you can do to improve SEO on your website, and do your bit for accessibility at the same time. Something that often gets overlooked but can play a significant role in improving user experience and driving traffic to your website is alt (alternative) text. In this article We’ll look at […]

  2. Moving your business online

    Covid-19 has brought about a huge push for digitisation of services. Since the lockdown we’ve received requests from several clients to either adapt existing services or create new ones. But what are the challenges faced by organisations – big and small – in this new environment? In this article we provide some guidance for what, […]

  3. Tech solutions for the Covid crisis

    These are interesting times for designers and developers of tech solutions as new needs arise and we see how quickly things can get turned around when there’s an urgent demand.

  4. The Formless Form Formula

    This post explains some of the dos and don’ts of collecting information from users on the Internet.

  5. Using CSS Grid and Viewport Units to build responsive site previews

    When we started work on the all-new we wanted a way to show how our designs work across different screen sizes. A Google image search for responsive design yields approximately one squillion versions of the same design pattern – a phone, a tablet and either a laptop or desktop monitor all displaying the same […]

  6. WordPress admin print styles

    One of our clients, a local live music venue, wants to use WordPress as more then just their CMS – by adding some custom reports and back-end functionality to Event Organiser, we’ve been able to turn WordPress into a complete venue management solution. It’s useful for them to be able to print out reports (staffing reports, […]

  7. Using a custom icon font for WordPress dashicons

    There are number of tutorials out there on how to use WordPress’s built-in (from version 3.8) dashicons with your custom post type. But what if you want to use a completely custom icon font, such as those generated by Fontastic?

  8. Ubuntu sites-enabled and ISPConfig

    ISPConfig is very useful for performing some of the grunt-work of setting up new sites on our server – but sometimes our new build/test subdomains weren’t appearing. Instead, Apache was picking up the wildcard subdomain and rendering The fix was pretty simple…