How long until I’m sober?

A fun animated calculator that lets you know when you’re likely to be sober (hic!)

How long until I'm sober? is one of the UK’s largest insurance-comparison sites and we regularly collaborate with them to produce fun and interactive games and microsites to support their campaigns. For a Christmas campaign Confused asked us to create an engaging tool to help people calculate their blood-alcohol content by telling us their weight, how much (and of what) they drank, and when they stopped drinking. Using these data we were able to give them a rough idea of their blood alcohol content and when they would be sober.  

The calculator was created so that Confused could use it in different contexts. It was originally created for Christmas party season 2017, but by creating two themes – a Christmas one and one for the rest of year – the campaign can easily be revived for a new campaign at any time. The most recent incarnation (pictured) was created for the 2019 festival season. 

These types of fun, interactive microsites are something that we specialise in, and can be a great way to engage with customers and bring more traffic to your website. They tend to get shared through social media and are often picked up by the national press.

Proper Design have a skilled and creative team that have enabled us to produce stunning and entertaining assets to aid our campaigns. Even with a quick turnaround, Proper Design are open, friendly and their results are top-notch!

Jamie Gibbs -