August 2018 for Recycle for Wales

Food Waste Recycling Mission

Some cool animations and an ‘electrogenerator’ for school pupils to calculate how their food waste can be turned into energy

The Food Recycling Challenge brief was to design an interactive website to educate primary aged children and parents in Swansea about the benefits of food recycling in an interesting, fun and engaging way, through activities in the classroom and at home. It needed to have a competition element that offered an incentive for teachers, pupils and families to participate.

This was a great project for us to get our teeth into, allowing us to use the team’s extensive design and development experience to build an accessible and interactive website to encourage communities to recycle their food waste. The site had to be in both Welsh and English. (One of our specialities is creating multilingual websites).

A key feature of the campaign was a competition for schoolchildren to design their own ‘magic machine’ that transforms food waste into electricity and fertiliser. The top three entrants would have their drawing recreated by a professional illustrator, and the winning entry would feature on a recycling lorry.

As well as creating these illustrations for the competition, we also we created a fun ‘electro-generator’ calculator that showed how unavoidable food waste items can be recycled to power gadgets and devices.

The campaign was a great success for Recycle for Wales. It was shared widely through social media and local press, and in 2018 we updated the campaign to run in Bridgend primary schools. We’re looking forward to helping them to roll the campaign out over other Welsh boroughs.