A graphic showing a typical designers desk - a note book with stationery, a laptop, a computer monitor with a code editor open, a keyboard and some tea and biscuits

We’re Proper, a digital design agency from Cardiff

We work with clients to explore, interpret, define and ultimately realise their projects. We embrace collaboration and we love a thorny problem.

We build websites and web apps and try to solve problems with code by creating digital tools that work for humans not the other way around.

We can also help with design, branding, motion graphics, online learning, consultancy and copywriting.

I'm a human - this sounds perfect! How do we get started?

Well... it depends. But for most projects it goes a bit like this.

  1. A cuppa and a chat

    All our projects start with a conversation and a cup of thinking-strength coffee. With written briefs it's possible to take essential points so much for granted that they are never described. Developers and designers risk making assumptions based on past projects. If we're going to be any use to you, we need to understand exactly what you're trying to do.

  2. Write a list and check it twice (or more)

    Once we have a list of what needs to be done, it's important to set and regularly reassess priorities using collaborative tools. Often ideas that seem vital at the start of a project prove unnecessary by the end. A pragmatic approach to what needs to be done and when means avoiding wasted effort (and budget).

  3. Design, wireframes and prototypes

    Sometimes an idea can be tested without having to build anything in code. From paper sketches and Post-its to spreadsheets, to even more coffee and conversation – good design relies on us exploring every possibility.

  4. Build the thing

    The quicker an idea can exist as code, the quicker we can spot problems and solve them. We deploy our work-in-progress to a 'staging site' so you can check it out on every device you own (internet fridge??). We're not aiming for a big reveal - it's more important to us that your site works as it should, where it should.

  5. Hosting and support

    The web is always evolving and websites need to be nurtured, fed and updated to stay fresh and relevant, and serve your business in the best way possible. We know how hard it is to run a business – and your website is often the first thing to suffer. We help clients to keep their sites live and alive with a regular review of the code and the content to make sure your website is working for you, not the other way round.