July 2021 for Action on Sugar

Food Flips

A fun interactive game for primary aged children

Action On Sugar are a team of Nutritionists based at Queen Mary University of London, who were awarded a grant to develop an interactive online version of a game they created during the first lockdown in 2020.

In Food Flips players choose the nutrient on their card that they think is lower than the computer’s card. The game has four different difficulty levels, from just playing with the colours (green beats amber, amber beats red) with the computer’s card visible, to playing with the number values and you can’t see the computer’s card!

The game is designed to teach kids how to read and understand traffic light labels and to develop a sense of what’s in their food without ever labelling any food as good or bad.

A grid of playing cards featuring cartoon food items and the traffic light style nutritional information

Building the game was great fun and we were really lucky to have such great character designs to start with.