May 2022 for Equal Power Equal Voice

Equal Power Equal Voice

Increasing diversity in decision making positions in Wales

The Equal Power Equal Voice (EPEV) mentoring programme is a partnership between Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales, Stonewall Cymru, Disability Wales and Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team Wales (EYST). Its aim is to increase diversity of representation in public and political life in Wales. When EPEV came to us, all of the information about the project lived on a page on the WEN Wales website. Since its launch the scheme had been so successful that it had outgrown its little corner of and needed a dedicated website to promote and expand the scheme.

The team was very clear in its mission – to diversify representation in public and political life in Wales – and so it was with this goal in mind that we started our discovery phase.

Using our favourite research and discovery method, the Content Design process, we began with a session with the EPEV team to find answers to some important questions.

  • Who are their audience?
  • What do each of their audiences want from the website?
  • What do they want from each of their audiences?
  • Which audience is most important in any given context?

This exercise helped us to highlight any gaps in content, and anything that was duplicated or unnecessary. It also helped us define a list of priorities. The output of this session gave us the raw material to start developing and organising content. We set up a test site early on the process so that the team at EPEV could see the ideas developing live. During weekly meetings we refined the ideas until we had a clear idea of the pages and features required.


EPEV already had a strong logo. We extended the colour palette for the site, introducing red and blue for contrast and to give EPEV a distinct individual brand.

Countdown clock

The EPEV program runs annually, with two important deadlines each year for potential mentees – the date that applications open and the date that applications close. To bring focus these deadlines, we created a countdown clock. The clock features on the front page of the site and is easily programmable by the EPEV team to update for the next important deadline.

EPEV People

It became clear early on in the discovery/research phase that key to the EPEV programme were the people involved.  All mentors and mentees showed so much passion and enthusiasm and we wanted to reflect this on the website. We created a page of people – mentors and mentees with first personal testimonials of their experience with the programme, using video, photos and text.

You can find out all about this brilliant scheme at