January 2023 for Go Panda

Brand refresh and website for Go Panda removals

A new look for Cardiff’s cutest movers

Photo of the inside of a Go Panda storage facility

We were approached by Cardiff removals company Go Panda to help spruce up it’s iconic local brand.

We kicked off the project by creating a number of additional versions of the Go Panda logo, adding a version which tweaked the typography for use at smaller sizes and corresponding whiteout versions for use on darker backgrounds.

Black and white versions of the Go Panda Logo
We refined the GoPanda logo and created some additional versions

Print primaries for a prettier Panda

The brief called for the new brand to be bold and vibrant not just online and in print – from flyers to vehicle livery. The new Go Panda palette uses the print primary colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black at it’s core.

The Go Panda colour palette

The star of the show

Go Panda’s eponymous mascot finally broke out of the logo in this project. This allowed us to add fun creative touches to the new design work.

3 Go Panda pandas in different postions
Cartoon panda peeking his head out from behind something

The new website took Go Panda’s existing content and simplified the site structure. Go Panda’s three core services were given centre stage as well as quick access to their online quote system.

An example of the Go Panda website as it would appear on a laptop