August 2020 for Grange Pavilion

Branding and a new website for Grange Pavilion

A green and vibrant space for the whole community

Grange Pavilion is a social hub for Grangetown that is accessible to all residents. Grangetown has a long history of community-led projects and our new design encompasses that history as well as positioning the pavilion building as a new Cardiff landmark. 

The new logo references the maze/spiral device from the original Grangetown Pavilion Project logo which predated the current organisation. By reflecting the distinctive zig-zag roof of the new pavilion we wanted to to solidify the new building as a Cardiff landmark in the minds of visitors.

Selection of Grange Pavilion logos in different colours

The logo uses the typeface Clarendon URW Bold. Clarendon is a classic slab-serif font with a solid, legible structure that is enhanced by the elegant, organic curves. Originally designed in 1845 Clarendon represents a direct link to Grange Gardens and the Victorian era.

The Grange Pavilion brick colour palette of greys and browns

Our colour palette is drawn from the materials used in the building, which in turn reflect the surrounding streets.

An example of how the Grange Pavilion website would look on a laptop

The website was built on WordPress, with a user friendly language switcher so that it can be viewed in both English and Welsh