June 2019 for Cardiff University

Branding and animation for MyJourney

MyJourney.pt is a web application that guides users through ten exercises that help them to process their feelings and ease acceptance of an unfulfilled wish for children. Research backed and based on Contextual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, users consider their future life without a child.

We created a visual language for the application based on the ‘journey’ metaphor. A series of illustrations of waypoints and destinations in what can be a difficult journey.

A pathway winding through woodland
A steep snow topped mountain above a lake. The mountain is reflected in the lake below
A road forking in two directions
A beach landscape with a lighthouse in the distance
A selection of icons for my journey based on a journey metaphor
We created a set of icons for the application based on the ‘journey’ metaphor.

MyJourney was developed by Cardiff University Fertility Studies, in collaboration with APFertilidade, The Portuguese Fertility Association and Fertility Network UK.