July 2020 for Bombastic


A new type of virtual classroom

Poli is a new way to use video and ICT in a virtual classroom setting. Originally designed to be used in classrooms but halfway through the project Covid happened! That meant adapting the concept to to be used remotely alongside video conferencing software.

Poli makes running online classes simple and fun

  • Students sign in on their devices with a short code
  • Poli uses video to deliver the class content, displayed on screen in the classroom or on students’ devices remotely
  • The teacher pause and resume the video for everyone from their own device
  • Questions are then shown on the classroom screen and the students’ devices with responses displayed to the teacher in real-time

With Poli teachers still run their classes however they like. Need to pause to talk about what we’ve just seen? No problem. Want to find out how your class feels not just what they can recall? Great.

You can see exactly what your students are seeing on their screens, so you’re always in control. Poli is lively, interactive and engaging.

Build your own Poli!

Teachers can use a pre-made Poli lesson plan or create their your own from scratch using the online builder.