December 2021 for Stepping Stones North Wales

Brand refresh for Stepping Stones

Supporting victims of childhood sexual abuse

Stepping Stones offers support and a , their family and friends. Established in 1984, the service is provided free of charge and serves the six local authorities in North Wales.

Brand strategist, and long time Proper Design collaborator,  Emina had been working with the organisation on rebranding, and as part of this project they needed a new website. Emina had worked with them to find their voice and key messages, and it was our job to help translate these into design.

Logo update – same but different

Stepping stones logo with text

We needed to provide continuity from the existing brand so it was important to capture the elements that work well in the existing logo and design language. We took a number of design cues from the old logo but with a focus on increasing contrast and legibility.

Two versions of stepping stones version in light grey and dark grey

In addition to the main full-colour logo, we created a number of single-colour versions.

Colour palette

The colour palette is made up of seven colours each taking its name from a different mineral. The colours have a soft muted tone but we avoided pastels or anything overtly sentimental. We want to convey a caring but professional feeling.

Stepping Stones colour palette

The message is the medium

With trust and authenticity the most vital elements to get right in Stepping Stones’ brand. Who could do a better job of communicating the experience and benefits of Stepping Stones’ services than past clients?

Stock photography always risks feeling inauthentic which is undesirable in any context. But with authenticity being so important in this case we wanted to create a look that didn’t rely on photography.

We were struck by the power of the quotes we saw from past clients and wanted these be front-and-centre – conveying the idea of therapy as a journey. 

Stepping Stones get you from where you are to where you want to be. When the stepping stones are shown alongside these client quotes, there is a real sense of messages from fellow travellers. Not necessarily at the end of their journey, but perhaps further along than a new client.

Example of a roller banner with stepping stones branding on
Example of a brochure with Stepping Stones branding
Example of business cards with stepping stones branding