Managed WordPress Hosting

Keep things running smoothly with our managed WordPress hosting

Having a website for your small business is a lot like having a company van – it’s crucial to getting the job done, but it probably doesn’t get the care it deserves and, if it breaks, it can feel like a nightmare.

Luckily for you, there are people like us! We’re the mechanics of the internet, here to fix your broken website and get your business back up and running. We’ll do a thorough diagnostics check, find out what’s at fault, and provide you with a no-obligation quote for the repair work.

Just like the works van, it’s a good idea to keep your website serviced and well looked after, which is where managed hosting comes in. To put it simply, you can leave your website with us and we’ll make sure it’s always up to date and running smoothly. This includes things like security updates and uptime monitoring; if anything goes wrong we’ll know before anyone else, and get your website back up and running before anyone notices.

The best thing about a managed service with our ongoing support? Keeping your website up to date and bug-free means you won’t end up with a surprise bill for one-off repair costs.

Our team are based in Cardiff and always on the end of the phone, but when your website is fixed, well maintained and ticking over smoothly, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to call us!

Get in touch to talk about our managed web hosting today.