In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is essential for academics to reach a wider audience, share their research, and engage with peers and students.

Web designers play a crucial role in helping academics create professional and user-friendly websites and learning platforms that effectively communicate their work and expertise.

We will work with you to showcase your professional work, research projects and publications, turning them into something accessible, visually appealing and user-friendly, for increased reach and public engagement.

We’ve worked extensively in the field of public health, often in partnership with Cardiff University, and can help you find innovative ways of engaging with your audience. Thinking outside of Power Point, Word and PDFs, and presenting information in different ways.

This might take the form of animations, games, quizzes, video, motion graphics or interactive tools. We work with you to navigate the challenges of presenting complex information in a meaningful and engaging way, and can help bridge the gap between you and your potential audience using creative and innovative ideas and technology.

Some of the areas we have worked with include:

  • collecting data
  • presenting data
  • evaluating data
  • presenting ideas
  • practical application of ideas
  • help with funding applications

Get in touch today to find out how we can help empower you to reach you full potential in the digital realm and ensure your work makes a lasting impact in your field.